Kent Recycling at the Firehouse

The Kent Recycling Center started out as a weekly event that was set up and torn down each week in the parking lot of the Kent Firehouse. In this video by Jeff Hodges, footage from 1991 shows us just how much work it was – and how much fun people had – as some of the folks who got this wonderful community institution up and running explain what we’re seeing.

Thanks, Jeff, for putting this video together and for sharing it with us!

The Great Stone Chamber Debate

A late 1980s (we’re still trying to track down the exact date) video from Jeff Hodges of Martin Brecht and Jim Baker discussing the origin and meaning of the corbeled stone chamber at Mead Farm as moderated by Ray Singer. As you’ll see from the video, the alternative views on these marvelous structures from a quarter century ago are just the same as those offered up today.

Many thanks, Jeff, for sharing this with all of us.