Fire Tower Floor Project

During the week of May 4 through 8, the fire tower on Mount Nimham in the Town of Kent will be closed to the public so that the floor and walls of the cabin can be replaced. The current flooring is believed to be original to the tower, and recent inspections show it needs to be replaced. Replacement of the flooring offers a perfect opportunity to replace the walls of the cabin which have also begun to show their age. The new walls will feature murals of scenes from nature in each of the four seasons painted by members of the Go Green Club of George Fischer Middle School (see article).

The tower will be open for public use as soon as the work is completed, and the view from the top will be just as good as it is now.

While the tower is closed, please keep well clear of the tower site. Do not attempt to cross into the area behind the orange fencing or to climb the tower as it is not safe to do so. The floor and sides of the cabin may be missing or insecure and there is real risk of being hit by falling debris.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The need for the project was identified by the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee (CAC) which maintains the tower under a stewardship agreement with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) which owns the tower. The project is being carried out by volunteers. It is managed and funded by the Kent Conservation Foundation (KCF) under a permit issued to the CAC by the NYSDEC.