The Nature of Kent

The Town of Kent is rich in natural wonders, and at 7pm on Tuesday, April 12, attendees will have a chance to learn about them at a presentation at the Kent Public Library in the downstairs program room.

Our town has thousands of acres of protected open space that provide habitats and corridors for a variety of animals and plants, some rare. Miles of hiking trails offer residents the opportunity to explore the woods and enjoy a variety natural treasures that are within our very own borders. But for many residents, these natural wonders are as yet undiscovered.

Join Beth Herr, chair of the Kent Conservation Advisory Council (KCAC), and Dave Ehnebuske, president of the newly-formed Kent Conservation Foundation (KCF) on an armchair tour of the many places people can enjoy hiking, fishing, kayaking, hunting, photography, mountain-biking, bird-watching, and sketching–all within the 43 square miles that comprise Kent. The program will feature local favorites such as the Mount Nimham Fire Tower and Hawk Rock, as well as the wildlife found there. But lesser known treasures will be highlighted as well.

The KCF carries out necessary projects as identified by the KCAC. State law prohibits the Town of Kent from funding many of them, so the KCF is charged with raising the necessary funds. All of the projects help protect, preserve and promote Kent’s natural areas.

The Kent Public Library is located at 17 Sybil’s Crossing in the Kent Town Square complex.