Citizen Scientists Test Local Waters

Join members of the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee to collect water quality data from a local stream on Saturday, August 13, at 11am. As part of the NYSDEC’s WAVE program – Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators – we’ll collect samples with a drift net and prescribed protocol. After collection, we’ll send the samples to the NYSDEC who will evaluate them and return the results to us.

Meet at the corner of Route 301 and East Boyd’s Road to sample water draining from Seven Hills Lake into the West Branch of the Croton River. Be prepared to get wet feet and find some interesting creatures with amazing adaptations. Learn about how stream assessments are done and how organisms indicate differences in water quality. If bad weather forces us to postpone this event, we’ll post a notice on our home page and send an email to people who subscribe to the CAC programs list.

If you’re interested in testing other stream sites training is available and equipment is available for loan. For more about WAVE click here.