Night of the Fireflies

Saturday June 23, 8:00 – 9:30 PM
Kent Town Center

Join members of the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee for a mid-summer’s eve stroll around the grounds of our own Town Center in search of fireflies and other seasonal wonders. After sunset fades and evening bird songs silence, citizen scientists will look for some of eight possible species of lightning bugs that can be found in Kent and discover how to read their signals. Learn how fireflies make light, their unusual life history, and where to find glow worms, while KCAC members add to their Natural Resource Inventory.

Firefly composite

Participants will meet in the parking lot, families, but not pets, are welcome. Wear long pants and bring a jar to closely examine summer insects. Cloudy humid weather is okay for fireflies, but heavy rain cancels. Call 845-228-5635 for more details.