Woodcock Walk

Saturday, March 30, 7 PM
Great Swamp Wildlife Management Area
Cornwall Hill Road, Patterson

Drawing of an American woodcock sitting on an oak leaf

Enjoy an evening of spring delights: bird songs in the meadow at dusk, warm breezes and earthy smells, and a chance to witness the bizarre, the intricate, impressive mating flight of the American Woodcock. Join Kent Conservation Advisory Committee naturalists for a gentle walk to the singing grounds of this small game bird.

Come learn about this extraordinary behavior, how to identify the sounds of this amazing bird, and to help map its locations in the town of Kent and the Great Swamp Watershed.

Wear warm clothes and good hiking shoes. Very cold weather or snow would postpone the walk because the woodcock don’t fly when it’s too cold. If this happens, we’ll post a message to the CAC website and an email alert to CAC hikes subscribers (click here to subscribe) by 4 PM the day of the hike. Or, if in doubt, call (845) 228-5635.