Hawk Rock Hike

Hike to Hawk Rock and the Mead Farm Ruins
Sunday, May 19, 11 AM

Join members of the Kent CAC for the annual hike to one of the town’s most interesting landmarks. Meet at the DEP parking area at the end of Whangtown Road at 11 AM.

If you haven’t been to Hawk Rock, you’re in for a treat. When the glaciers retreated northward at the end of the last ice age, they were carrying some huge rocks that sometimes ended up in odd positions when the ice melted. One of these so-called “erratics” is Hawk Rock. Local lore has it that long ago the Native Americans named it and used the site as a meeting place. It is certainly a believable story; the setting is beautiful and it’s one impressive rock.

Horsepound Brook skirts the trail, drains the wooded valley, and adds to New York City’s water supply. Along the way wildflowers and bird life are abundant, and old farm ruins tell the story of Kent in another time.

This is a moderate hike that takes three hours or so round trip including lunch. Wear good hiking shoes for a few rock scrambles, and bring water too. Heavy rain cancels, call 845-228-5635 for info.