Town of Kent Astronomy Night

Join the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee and the Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association (MHAA) for an astronomy evening at the Town of Kent Town Center. This will be a fun, relaxed evening of stargazing and viewing of little-seen objects in space through MHAA telescopes, wonderful for everyone of all ages and backgrounds. If conditions are good, MHAA members should be able to give you good views of planets and other distant celestial bodies more – star clusters, nebulae, and even far away galaxies. The moon will be at its most desirable for viewing. A “Naked-Eye Star Walk” will be presented by a member, using a green laser pointer to guide you through some of the more common constellations and asterisms, as well as point out anything interesting that you can find either by eye or easily with a manual telescope. 

Please be mindful that we will be observing dim objects in the dark – please do not use any white lights (flashlights, etc.) near the telescopes, use red flashlights only (red light preserves our night vision). 

View of SpaceX Falcon9 rocket launch in the Southern sky

Bring curiosity, questions, and even your own telescope or binoculars if you wish. MHAA volunteers will be happy to answer your questions, inspire your curiosity or help you understand your telescope.

WHEN: Saturday, November 11, 2023 at 5:00PM

Town of Kent Town Center
25 Sybil’s Crossing
Kent Lakes, NY 10512

For updates regarding postponement or cancellation, people can look at or the Kent Conservation Advisory Committee Facebook page