The Town of Kent is blessed with many truly wonderful hiking trails. Here you’ll find a selection of some of our favorites. Before you head off on a new hike, please do two things to get ready. First, read about the hike you plan to go on, familiarize yourself with the route you’ll take, and print the hike guide and map to take with you. Second, make sure you understand what it takes to hike safely. See our handy page covering this by clicking here. That page also cautions you that no matter how much we try to make the information we provide complete and correct, it can’t be perfect. You need to be responsible for your own safety during your hike.

One other reminder: These hikes lead through beautiful country and past places of historical significance. They are here for all of us to enjoy because for many years people have respected and cared for them. Now it is our turn. We owe it to those who came before us to preserve and protect the treasures we enjoy today; and we owe it to those who will follow us to preserve this wonderful legacy for them to enjoy after we are gone. Please share with all members of your party the importance of guarding our natural and historical sites from alterations or defacements of any kind. They don’t need “improvement” to better conform to anyone’s expectations for them. Adding a mark to them is a terrible way to celebrate having passed that way. Remember, too, that natural and historic sites are protected by state and local laws and regulations that make it illegal to disturb them without permission. Visit the sites described here. Look at them. Marvel at what they are. Speculate about how they came to be. But leave them as you found them so that others may do the same.

Most of all, enjoy the trails! We hope to meet you on them some day.

Trail Maps

Printing a Hike Description

It’s always handy to have a hike map and notes with you when you go on a hike, especially for the first time. And it’s really easy to get one for any of the hikes described on here. Here’s how: Below the map for each hike there’s a link labeled "View Larger Map." Click on it. This takes you to a page showing a much larger version of the map. Simply click on the "Print" link in the upper right part of the page. This will print both the trail map and a description of the place markers along the way.

While you’re on the larger map page you can do several other interesting things. If you need driving instructions for getting to the trailhead or parking area, right-click (Mac: option-click) on the place marker for the trailhead or parking area and choose "Directions to here" from the pop-up menu. Then fill in your starting address in the box marked with an "A" and click the "Get Directions" button. You can print these, too, using the "Print" link. If you’d like, you can view photos of some of the landmarks on or near the trail by clicking on the "More…" button (also in the upper right part of the page) and clicking on the "Photos" check box. Finally, you can change the map presentation from the terrain view to a satellite photo or a standard map view by clicking on the appropriate view button.